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Email Address Validation

Leadsprospex Email Validation is a powerful Software that extracts email addresses with usernames from webpages.


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Our services

Email Verification

We verify email addresses for businesses and give them the most accurate email lists to build their business on.

Email Appending

We take your data; append the corresponding email addresses to it and make it ready for the email marketing and retargeting campaigns.

Email Extraction
Email Extractor is a program or web application that is able to extract email addresses and other related data from email or other online resources
Bulk Email verification

With our bulk service, you can upload an entire list of email addresses at one time and have them verified all together. Afterwards you can import back into your email service like MailChimp, Awber, , and other popular email deliverability services.

 Data solution

We offer end to end data solution to help our clients generate new leads through email/phone and retargeting campaigns.

Data mining

Data mining is tedious yet a fundamental & imminent process for any company’s smooth operation. Hence it is advisable to outsource this time-consuming task to a qualified & professional firm. We offer a comprehensive service of data with its skilled team of experts. Data mining  help effectively execute all operations

Skip Tracing

Accurately locate the geographic location, address, contact info, and other intel related to people that your organization is looking for

Lead Generation

We get you clients! Our Lead Generation gets you dozens of extra customers each week! .



Remove invalid, fake and dead emails from your email list now. Our Email Verification is a one-stop solution for removing all the inconsistencies from your email lists. We help you make sure that your hard-earned money does not get wasted on a failed email marketing technique.


When you have verified email addresses verification in real time, the deliverability of your sales, marketing and customer service efforts skyrockets. You can therefore enjoy high response rates and conversions.


By maintaining the customer list which is highly accurate, you can save a lot of money otherwise wasted on failed marketing strategies. You can also curb down your CRM costs by maintaining only what’s necessary. Thus, email validation service will help you to achieve a ‘Clean CRM

Higher ROI

Did you know? For every 1 $ you spend on email marketing, you can get back a whopping 44$. When the data is of good quality your ROI tends to improve. Good quality data lets you have a clear picture about your growth; your marketing efforts vs. returns which can facilitate your decision making process. Verified data also saves the time and efforts of your marketing and sales teams

Industry We serve

Data solution for Insurance 

Avoid data related risks

The insurance industry is all about avoiding risks and staying prepared for them at the same time. At Leadsprospex, we look after all the minute aspects of your data with human attention as well as automated software to make sure you stay at the top.

Data mining for Law firms

Our specially tailored data mining service for law firms helps you get the right information which lets you ask the most relevant questions. Initiating the right conversation is all you need to lead successfullyNeed a phone number or address for your research? Want to analyse the latest market trends? Requiring verification of data at hand and supplement the existing data with additional data? We help you find every information you need in your research with our specially tailored Data Mining Services for Law Firms.

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We are committed to providing exceptional customer support. All of our email support technicians are highly trained and will be able to assist you with all the hustle.

120% Money-Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not happy with our work in a week, we pay 100% back plus 20% for all the hassle. Simple for you. Simple for us, just contact us now and get started

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